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The Achievement score will be made up of three indicators: Content Mastery (40%), Post High School/Middle School/Elementary School Readiness (30%) and Graduation Rate/Graduation Rate Predictor (30%).

Content Mastery: This section looks at student achievement on standardized tests (CRCT in grades 3-8 and End of Course Tests in grades 9-12) to determine how well a school is doing with instruction.

Post High School/Middle School/Elementary School Readiness: This section looks at areas that have proven to help students be prepared for the next level of school. As an example, the Post High School Readiness measure looks at indicators such as the percentage of students enrolled in and meeting standards in a World Language class, or the percentage of students receiving an Industry Certification or exceeding standards on an End of Course Test.

Graduation Rate/Graduation Rate Predictor: This section will look at a school's 4-year and 5-year graduation rate using the new Cohort Method calculation.


The Progress score will be calculated based on the percentage of a school's students demonstrating typical or high growth via their Student Growth Percentiles (SGP). An SGP describes a student’s growth on state tests relative to other students statewide with similar prior achievement. A student's growth percentile can range from 1 to 99, and every student's SGPs may earn points towards the Progress Score.

Achievement Gap

The Achievement Gap score assigns points to schools for their progress in closing or having small achievement gaps on state tests between schools' lowest 25% of achievers and the state average. The gap size is calculated by finding the difference in standardized average scores on state tests between the school's lowest 25% of achievers and the state. The gap change compares the gap size for the prior year to the current year. The school receives points for either the gap size or the gap change, which ever is higher.

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