More than any other chef at work today, Michel Nischan creates sophisticated, modern food by using what's readily available, celebrating variety, respecting the land, and eschewing waste. Whether it's explaining which fish are in least danger of overfishing, or how heritage bean and grain varieties help to support biodiversity as well as healthy diets, Nischan proves that the most satisfying food comes from a passionate respect for America's culinary and environmental legacy.

Nischan has teamed with Whole Foods Market to get the word out about an exciting new initiative at all Whole Foods stores to make shopping for sustainable seafood easy for everyone. Beginning Earth Day (April 22) 2012 (one year ahead of schedule) Whole Foods Market will no longer carry "red-rated" wild caught seafood in its fresh cases (red-rated indicates that a species is suffering from overfishing or current fishing methods harm other marine life or habitats). They will have fishmongers available in all stores to answer any questions about the best environmental seafood choices, to suggest alternative sustainable seafood choices, cut fish to order, fillet, debone, and de-vein seafood.


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Sustainable Seafood

Check out these tips on eating the right seafood.

Posted: 8:04 AM, Apr 3, 2012
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