At Deceased Pet Care Funeral Homes and Crematories, we believe that our pets are important and engaging members of the family. As pet owners ourselves, we designed our services to specifically meet the needs of loving pet owners who wish to honor their pets life and to assist with the profound feelings generated when such a loss occurs with an adored member of the family. As Georgia's first and only Full Service Pet Funeral Home, our family of staff counselors understand that overwhelming sorrow.

With full-time licensed funeral directors on staff offering the same grace and dignity of a human funeral home, Deceased Pet Care Funeral Homes gives you the opportunity to receive the same types of services as when a human family member passes away. Specializing solely in pet death care, the Shugart Family established Deceased Pet Care Funeral Homes to honor your family's wishes in the passing of your beloved pet. Whether it be individual pet cremation, or individual pet burial in one of our two pet cemeteries, our caring funeral directors are here to assist you in making those final arrangements in a loving and dignified manner.


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Deceased Pet Care

Because Your Pet is a Member of the Family.

Posted: 2:57 PM, Sep 29, 2011
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