Our 15 unique beach neighborhoods offer a variety of amenities and activities so you can find the beach that matches your style, whether it's relaxing in a beach chair with a good book and an icy beverage, or paddling the gulf waters in a kayak or on a YOLO board.

In fact, finding your South Walton style is easy - just do what the locals do, relax and follow your dreams. Do you want to watch the sunset or paint it? We have lots of local artists who paint sunsets, coastal dune lakes and other natural wonders and spectacular moments all along our 26 miles of pure white sand beaches.

Do you want to catch fish or dine on mouthwatering fresh seafood? Local charter captains can take you a short distance into the gulf where the big fish are running and local restaurants serve fresh caught shrimp, grouper and snapper cooked to your preference.

Locals also know how to stay cool with their summer fun. For instance, when is the best time for a round of golf on one of our championship courses? Locals say it's late afternoon after the hottest part of the day. You can also enjoy an early morning hike or nature tour on the many shady nature trails in the Point Washington Forest. A bicycle ride on the Timpoochee Trail is cooler than walking. Just let the breeze blow you along.

Although the kids may not want to think about it, school is just around the corner. Why not do your back to school shopping in South Walton? We have the nation's largest designer outlet center as well as dozens of unique shops where you can buy school clothes that the kids will happily wear because they come complete with memories of summer fun.

You may not need any more reasons to ditch the summer doldrums and come to South Walton but here's one more, just in case. A late summer Florida beach vacation is also the perfect way to reconnect with family and friends before the busy fall season begins. Many of our neighborhoods offer end of the summer specials and packages for family gatherings and friend getaways.


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South Walton

Would like to go somewhere beautiful and just have a relaxing, enjoyable weekend.

Posted: 4:10 PM, Aug 31, 2011
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