Another Chance to see the International Space Station Fly Over Atlanta this Evening

5:15 PM, Feb 27, 2014   |    comments
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You have another chance to see the International Space Station fly over Atlanta again tonight.  Skies will be mostly clear for good visibility for the flyover.  

It begins this evening at 6:51.  Look toward the northwest at the beginning about 10 degrees above the horizon.  It may be hard to see it at first if you have a lot of trees blocking your view at that height.  The bright white dot will move across the sky peaking at a height of 64 degrees above the horizon.  It will disappear at about 11 degrees above the horizon in the southeast sky.  The entire event will last 6 minutes.

Many folks saw it earlier in the week through some high thin clouds.  Tonight's visibility will be much better.  Tonight's event also lasts 2 more minutes.  However tonight's flyover won't be as high in the sky as Monday's flyover.

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