Downed cables and wires shut down Tucker street

6:49 PM, Jun 18, 2013   |    comments
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TUCKER -- As the severe weather continues, trees are not the only things crashing to the ground.

Utility poles holding the weight of electric power cables, telephone and cable television wires and internet services are also giving way.

On one Tucker Street, its kept homeowners trapped in their driveways and has already been responsible for at least one accident.

It's been 5 days since the AT&T and Comcast cables came down on Thornbriar Road in Tucker, making the street almost impassable. AT&T came out Tuesday to fix their lines, but Comcast told the homeowners it could be another 3 days before they could get to it.

Greatest concern to homeowners is driving down the street and avoiding a serious accident.

Wires, cables and broken utility poles were everywhere.

"Either wind or lightning hit the electric pole here and down the street or everything just literally split apart," said Elizabeth Clark, a homeowner on Thornbriar.

And with wires and cables coming down to street level an accident was almost inevitable.

And that's just what happened.

Wires got caught in the axle of a car travelling down the street.
The car came to grinding halt and wasn't going anywhere.

"It came up behind the wheel across the car and we could not get it out," said Bob McWilliams, owner of the vehicle.

It took AT&T technicians to pry the wires loose and free the vehicle.

And with AT&T crews clearing the debris and restoring the wires and cables, homeowners turned to Comcast to do the same thing.

"It will probably be 24 to 72 hours and this is really a very dangerous situation," Clark said she was told by a Comcast representative online.

"There are potentially more accidents waiting to happen," she added.

Recognizing the urgency of getting the cables out of the street, we contacted Comcast directly.

"Unless this line is brought up like the AT&T line was, someone is going to get into a very serious accident here on this street," we said.

Within the hour, Comcast pulled up to join AT&T in getting the cables off the street and up on the poles.

As things slowly get back to normal on Thornbriar Road, AT&T and Comcast crews are now racing off to other streets facing similar issues.

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