Tornado victims helped by $800 cake

4:58 PM, Mar 2, 2013   |    comments
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ADAIRSVILLE, Ga - One month after a devastating tornado, victims in Adairsville now have an $800 cake to help with the rebuilding.

An auction to raise money for the Bartow Tornado Relief Fund brought dozens of people and a storm of generosity.

"It was slow coming in at first, but the last few days we've been bombarded with donations from furniture, jewelry, a lot of gift cards," said Ken McLeod of Ken's Antiques.

Early on, it was clear that it would be no ordinary auction when bidders paid $100 for a t-shirt.

There were the two young men, ages 8 and 4, who donated $100 cash.

Then there was the bidder who paid $800 for a red velvet cake.

At least 45 people in Adairsville are still without homes, and roughly half of the tornado victims in lack the insurance they need to replace all that is lost.

That includes the Lopez family. Volunteers are mending the section of her mobile home that was torn away during the storm.

"My mom says a tree fell on her car, and she was sad," said Reyna Lopez. "My dad found someone and they fixed it, and now she's happy."

Adairsville is expecting a big influx of college students over spring break to volunteer with the rebuilding effort.

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