Got Klout?

10:03 PM, Mar 5, 2013   |    comments
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Do you have Klout?

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Go to and you'll get scored.

The highest is 100. President Obama has a 99.

Closer to home, 11Alive anchor Karyn Greer has a 62, reporter Jennifer Leslie a 61, and I learned today, I'm a 52.

What on earth does it mean?

Victor Hernandez is a news technologist and all around techno guru for CNN Worldwide. "Klout is an online analytics tool that measures engagement and reach."

Basically, Klout measures our influence online, using a somewhat secretive set of algorithms to compute our scores based mostly on our use of social media including twitter and facebook.

Hernandez says, "It's not necessarily based on the number of followers you have, but the level of engagement and the reach that those followers have."

Klout is gaining clout. Some employers in digital and social media advertise for jobs -- stating the minimum acceptable Klout score.

And your Klout score can even get you real life perks.

"For anyone visiting the San Francisco International Airport, one of the airlines has a sky club that anyone traveling on any airline can access if they have a Klout score higher than 50."

And wait, there's more.

"There are several hotel properties in Las Vegas that are accessing Klout scores as their patrons check in at the front desk and if they have a high enough score they become automatically eligible for a room upgrade."

Hernandez says these kinds of perks are significant.

"This is important because for the first time customers are not being sized up based on their spending power but rather it's a paradigm shift. Customers are being looked at for what they can do to elevate a brand through their influence and their online reach."

In this white noise world, Klout can tell you if you're being heard.

"If I shout out on the internet I need everybody to show up saturday at a rally this is the tool that tells you whether or not people are paying attention."

People with high scores are Klout luminaries. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has an 82, just two points behind former president Bill Clinton.

11Alive's highest Klout number goes to meteorologist Chris Holcomb with 64.

What that will get him -- I have no idea. But it tells Chris, you're listening. He's got clout.

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