Help Desk: Home and Neighborhood Safety

6:51 PM, Jan 23, 2013   |    comments
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The 11Alive Help Desk has compiled information to make you and your family aware of the interactive resources you can use to track crimes in your neighborhood.

Familiarize yourself with your neighborhood and areas that you commonly frequent.  The 11Alive Crime Map and Reports allows users to pinpoint specific areas and crimes that have taken place locally.  Users can schedule email alerts to be sent directly to their inbox when a crime happens in a specific area. is an interactive public resource website and smartphone app that allows users to keep digital tabs on public records and discussions happening within neighborhoods of their choice.

More Tips:

National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) 
Tips on eliminating crime in your neighborhood:
-Collaborate with the local police station regarding statistics and recent crime events in the area. These agencies are vital for safety information and training.
-Join with law enforcement to begin a neighborhood watch to prevent crime.
-Have routine meetings with your neighborhood to help residents become familiar with each other and strategize program activities.

Apartment Living: Five Ways to Stay Safe in your Neighborhood
-Invest in your neighborhood. Signs of neglect or lack of concern for the community may invite crime into your community.
-Stay attentive when walking alone, make sure you have a flashlight and park in lit areas.
-Be aware of how much information you tell neighbors about yourself.

Cyber Block Watch
-Never announce your absence. Be cautious of leaving a message on your answering machine explaining you are away for a few days or on vacation. Prior to you leaving set timers so that lights, TVs, and radios are actively going on and off. In addition, have someone pick up the mail, pick up newspapers or set out trash.
-Close your garage door. A vacant garage conveys you're not at home. Thieves can effortlessly steal bikes, lawnmowers or other valuables.
-Consider installing peepholes in all outside doors.
-Install dead-bolt locks on all outside doors. Make sure you can unlock all doors from the inside without a key to allow a quick escape from a fire. Tips for Staying Safe When Living Alone
-Pets-due to their instincts and sense they can be the best kind of security system
-Know your neighbors
-Change your locks when you move into a new house, make sure of who has copies of your keys
-Remove signs of wealth or opulence from plain view
-Get familiar with the daily behavior of your neighborhood   

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