Atlanta City Council race gets ugly in Post 3

9:46 PM, Oct 18, 2013   |    comments
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H. Lamar Willis is a three term Atlanta city councilman

ATLANTA -- It is not often that Atlanta City Council races get ugly. But the race for Lamar Willis' city wide seat my have set a new standard. Willis is running against Andre Dickens, a former businessman who now works at Georgia Tech.

Willis paints Dickens as a political unknown with a $1,000,000 bankruptcy and questionable residency. He says Dickens "has not shown any substance to this day."

Dickens says Willis has a track record of lies and fiscal deceit and that those qualities led to his disbarment. He ever created an attack website to Catalog the missteps.

And now, the fight is escalating and it even includes Former Atlanta mayor Shirley Franklin and she has endorsed Dickens over Willis.

Directed toward Willis, Franklin said, "it seems to me if you're not honest if you don't have high integrity you don't hold yourself to ethical standards.. It doesn't matter what your position is on anything."

But on Friday, Willis fired back.

"We didn't question her ability to serve when her son's business left the city and the state owning millions of dollars." And he also touched on Franklin's daughter saying, "Mayor Franklin's daughter was married to a drug trafficking murderer and when that individual was given bond he resided in Mayor Franklin's home."

However, Franklin held firm to her beliefs about Willis' fitness for office when she released a statement on Friday saying, "...he is a desperate man willing to say and do anything to win an election."

She disputed that she attacked Willis personally adding that she simply stated the facts that "his disbarment for stealing a client's money and his repeated unethical behavior."

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