Some furloughed state employees won't get back pay

9:35 PM, Oct 17, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- The end of the federal government shutdown is good news for federal employees. They're returning to work, and they'll get back pay.

But for some state employees, the news isn't so good.

The Georgia National Guard has 223 employees who are paid with a combination of state and federal funds. Though a spokesman says the Guard has welcomed them all back to work -- they won't get back pay. A web site created by the Guard, devoted to furlough information, cites the Georgia Constitution as the reason.

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"Unlike the federal government, Georgia cannot pay employees for time not worked," the site says. The best the Guard can do is offer leave time and comp time to those furloughed state employees.

The Guard is one of four state agencies that had to furlough state employees because of the federal government shutdown. The Georgia Department of Labor furloughed 24 employees in its workforce statistics division --- the section that produces its high-profile unemployment data, released monthly.

"They work very closely with the US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. The funding for those positions comes from the US Department of Labor," said Sam Hall, communications director for the Georgia Department of Labor.

Those Labor department employees did not return to work Thursday, the day after the end of the government shutdown. Hall says the department is awaiting guidance from other state and federal agencies -- to see when their job funding is restored, and whether they can get back pay like federal employees are getting.

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