Giant 18-foot oarfish discovered off the coast in California

8:48 PM, Oct 16, 2013   |    comments
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Courtesy of Catalina Island Institute

(USA TODAY)-- A marine science instructor at the Catalina Island Marine Institute in California got perhaps the biggest catch of her lifetime when she came across an 18-foot oarfish while snorkeling on Sunday. 

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Jasmine Santana was about about 2 miles from Avalon, California when she noticed the large fish."It took 15 or 20 of us to pick it up," said Jeff Chace, a program director with CIMI said.The rarely-seen oarfish died, according to reports, of natural causes. 

CLOSER LOOK | See photos of the rare oarfish find

While this one seemed large, they can grow up to 50 feet. The scientists are now trying to figure out exactly what to do with their large catch."The craziest thing we saw during our two day-journey at sea happened when we got home. These islands never cease to amaze," instructor Connor Gallagher said in a news release.

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