Wedded bliss, elevated

6:29 AM, Dec 9, 2012   |    comments
  • Kathryn Van Antwerp and Wes Stolp celebrate their marriage at the DeKalb County Courthouse in Decatur, Georgia
  • Just married: Kathryn Van Antwerp and Wes Stolp
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DECATUR, GA -- Kathryn Van Antwerp and Wes Stolp couldn't wait for their wedding, set for the spring of 2013.

They decided to start their life together early.  Friday, they showed up at the DeKalb County courthouse.  A judge conducted a bare-bones wedding ceremony in a matter of minutes.

Afterward, the beaming couple exited the front door.  With a photographer nearby, they leaped in the air and each extended an arm skyward.  It was an exultant moment of celebration.

The photographer asked them to do it again. 

11Alive reporter Doug Richards was in front of the courthouse.  He had also just exited the building after reading motions filed that morning in the Andrea Sneiderman murder case.  He saw the couple's first leap, then activated his Iphone camera.  He shot the adjacent photo of the second leap.

He sent the image to Stolp, whom he'd never met before.

The formal wedding ceremony is still planned, and another leap-in-the-air is likely.  "Leaping is something Kathryn does all the time in pictures," Stolp says.  "It's her calling card."

The couple will live in Decatur.

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