Base jumper falls off 4,000 foot cliff during somersault stunt

5:28 PM, Oct 23, 2012   |    comments
Base jumper Richard Henriksen goes flying off a 4,000 foot tall cliff after the high bar he's on breaks
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(WXIA) -- Norweigian daredevil Richard Henriksen was filming a stunt for a TV show titled "Normal Madness" when his personal madness became anything but normal.

Henriksen was swinging on a gymnastic high bar on the side of a 4,000 foot high cliff before launching into a base jump when the apparatus broke, sending Henriksen off the edge of the cliff.

The show's host, Arde Sende Osen can be seen on the viral video, visibly upset, thinking that Henriksen had perished in the fall.

However, Henriksen was wearing a chute at the time, and was able to deploy it before getting to the bottom of the cliff face, so that he was able to float to the base of the cliff safely.

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