Math teacher moonlights as Mary Kay man

8:43 AM, Sep 11, 2012   |    comments
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POWDER SPRINGS, Ga. -- What would you do if you and your spouse lost your careers, as the result of caring for a sick child?

Bill Stanley and his wife were raising three children in Powder Springs when their middle son was diagnosed with cancer.

He died.

And the Stanleys were forced to re-invent themselves.

Monday night, Bill was grading student math papers from McClure Middle School in Paulding County, where he teaches the sixth grade.

It's the same grade his son was in when cancer claimed his young life more than a decade ago.

Caring for his son consumed Bill's life so much that he lost his job selling insurance, and was managing a McDonald's.

"I just, knew things just weren't going to work the way they were," he said.

Bill knew he wanted to teach. So he went to night school at Kennesaw State to get his bachelor of science, then pursued his master's online through Texas-Arlington, but here's the problem, schooling is very expensive.

"Because I had gone to school earlier in life, I couldn't get any HOPE money, so I had to borrow every penny to get back to school," he said. 

He needed a way to make money to pay down those big student loans.

Because of his time commitment as a teacher, he couldn't work in a grocery store or deliver pizzas.

The answer?

Mary Kay products.

Bill Stanley added a new title - math teacher and beauty consultant.

He would help women and men control their "beauty experience."

"I've actually become pretty good at the facial things, with wrinkles and things," he said. 

And there's more!

"We have fragrances," he said. "I sell lipstick and eyeliner or I can get you what you want."

In Marietta Monday night, his customers wanted face cream. After a full day as teacher, mentor, husband and father, Bill was delivering beauty in a pink shirt with a bag of Mary Kay products.

"I would drive a pink Cadillac," he said. "I don't have a problem with that at all. That's cool."

Bill is delivering on a promise to his family to provide and to the bank to provide payment for his student loans.

Like the wrinkle cream he sells, Bill is "restoring what was lost and lifting away the years."

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