8-year-old hero defies mom, calls 911

6:58 PM, Aug 13, 2012   |    comments
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NORCROSS, Ga. -- Michelle Robison told her daughter repeatedly that there was no need to call 911.

Good thing her daughter, Lexi, didn't listen.

"I was scared she was going to die," Lexi Lambes said.

Robinson became very ill on July 25.  She thought she just had a bad sinus infection.

"She kept asking me if she could call 911 and I said 'no, there's nothing they can do for a sinus infection.'  Then I started feeling dizzy and crying because I was in so much pain," Robison said.

That's when Lexi became convinced her mother was really sick.

"I'm like 'Mom, sometimes kids have to ignore their parents for good reasons'," Lambes said.

She dialed 911 and luckily the dispatcher asked if Lexi's mother had any longstanding health problems.

"I said she had half a heart, because that's how my mom describes her heart problem," Lambes said.

As a child, Robison underwent several surgeries on her heart and has always had occasional fluttering.  This time, however, it was much more serious that than.

By the time paramedics arrived Robison was close to cardiac arrest.

"I remember begging one of the paramedics in the ambulance 'please don't let me die my daughter is in the front seat.' He told me he wasn't going to let me die," Robison said.

Doctors ended up recommending immediate surgery where they implanted Robison with a pacemaker.

Lexi knew about 911 in part because her grandmother is a dispatcher.  She said both police officers and firefighters have visited her school and talked about it.

Now back at home, Robison laughs when asked if Lexi should be punished for disobeying her.

"There's no way I can come down on her too hard.  She saved my life, she really did," Robison said.

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