German artist creates, sells 'pixelated' ski mask

2:18 PM, Aug 6, 2012   |    comments
A pixilated ski mask from German artist Martin Backes is being sold online for $192 each.
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(WXIA) - A German artist has produced a limited run of a pixilated ski mask he calls "The Pixelhead."

According to tech blog Gizmodo, the run of full-face ski masks by artist Martin Backes is limited to 333 pieces, and are hand-sewn. They can be purchased from Backes' website for $192.

The mask, according to Backes, is the pixilated image of German interior secretary Hans-Peter Friederich.

"The full face mask Pixelhead acts as media camouflage, completely shielding the head to ensure that your face is not recognizable on photographs taken in public places without securing permission. A simple piece of fabric creates a little piece of anonymity for the Internet age," Backes' site says. "The mask has holes for your eyes and mouth, so you can see and breathe comfortably while wearing the mask, secure in the knowledge that your image won't be showing up anywhere you don't want it to."

The site says the masks can be sent anywhere in the world.

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