One man displays Olympic Spirit with a bit of lawnmower 'art'

2:31 AM, Aug 3, 2012   |    comments
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  • Photo: Michele Peplinski

MABLETON, Ga. -- Among the dozens of great photos that Olympics fans are emailing every day to, there was one we received Thursday that had us sending SkyCam to Cobb County, to take a look for ourselves.

The viewer, Michele Peplinski, wanted us to see her friend's front yard.

Her friend, Scott Grayson of Mableton, is a big admirer of Team USA, and a bit of an artist with the lawn mower.

Grayson has been so inspired by the US Olympic athletes, he "mowed" his praise and appreciation for Team USA into his yard, for the whole neighborhood to see -- the five Olympic rings, and "USA."

"I have an inner-tube that I use for going down the Chattahoochee," Grayson said, "and I just set the inner tube out on the lawn and mowed around it" to mow each intersecting Olympic ring.

Then he used a sort-of "free hand" technique to mow the three letters into the lawn.

His neighborhood, off of Cooper Lake Road, is full of beautiful lawns and landscaping.

So Grayson wasn't sure, at first, what his neighbors might say.

He found out, quickly.

"I had a couple of neighbors stop by and give me the thumbs up, and actually I had one neighbor stop by and inform me that they had been on the bobsled team for one of the Olympics, and how much he appreciated it. So I thought that was very nice."

The Olympic spirit all across Metro Atlanta is reminiscent of what Atlanta was like in 1996 when the city hosted the Summer Games.

People are carving Olympic rings in their hair, and wearing "USA" stickers on their cheeks, and dressing themselves and their babies and pets in Red, White and Blue -- and, in at least one instance, mowing their pride and respect into the yard.

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