Car crashes into QuikTrip, hits man

10:11 AM, Jun 8, 2012   |    comments
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Hamid Krivanjeva resting at home

LILBURN, Ga. -- A Lilburn man is resting his aches and bruises at home after he was hit by a car inside a convenience store.

That's right -- inside. The car plowed right through the front door of the QuikTrip store on Stone Mountain Highway in Lilburn.

Hamid Krivanjeva was on his way to work Monday when he stopped at the QT for gas. He went inside the store to pay.

"I get gas at QuikTrip because I like it," Krivanjeva said. "I left the money on the table and just as I turned to my left side, (I heard) one like explosion."

That's all he remembers before a car crashed through the front of the store and knocked him ten feet in the air, according to police.

Gwinnett County Police said the woman behind the wheel pulling into a parking space in front of the door.

"She accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake," Gwinnett Police Cpl. Jake Smith. "In trying to press the brake pedal harder, she mistakenly pressed down the gas pedal even harder and it sent her right through the front of the building."

Surveillance video released Thursday shows what happened. The clerk told Krivanjeva to have a nice day after he paid for the gas. But his day instantly got worse.

Krivanjeva said he doesn't remember anything after he heard the glass explode.

"A couple minutes after I saw two people, one on my right side, one on my left side, and they said don't move," he said.

Cpl. Smith said the Lilburn woman who drove the car won't be charged because it happened on private property and she wasn't under the influence. He said she was very distraught after it happened.

Krivanjeva suffered cuts from the glass on his face, arms and legs. He stayed overnight at Gwinnett Medical Center before being released.

"I feel very badly all over my body and back, and especially my head," he said. 

When he got home, he discovered that QuikTrip had refunded the money he paid for gas.

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