Days after deaths, another crowd attempts Everest

4:30 AM, May 25, 2012   |    comments
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KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) - Officials say a wave of climbers is heading to the Mount Everest summit and several have already succeeded in what is expected to another busy weekend on the top of the world.

Last weekend four climbers died on their way down from the summit amid a traffic jam of more than 200 people scrambling to conquer the peak as the weather worsened. A similar crowd is expected this weekend, but there are no reports of climbers in trouble and the weather is good.

Tourism Ministry official Mohan Krishna Sapkota said several climbers reportedly reached the 29,035-foot summit Friday morning.

There has been little good weather this climbing season, so climbers have had to wait for days at a base camp for a chance to reach the peak.

Associated Press

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