Woman pays for police officers' cart full of toys

1:44 PM, Dec 20, 2012   |    comments
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FAIRBURN, Ga. -- This is a story about a random act of kindness that is being paid forward by complete strangers. And it's a Christmas story.

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Dana Feemster didn't know where to turn to for help this Christmas. She didn't have any money to provide her two boys, Kuyler, age 6, and Devin, age 3, a surprise Christmas morning. She called the Fairburn Police Department after being told to do so by someone at her church.

"It just blew me away how quickly they called me back," Feemster said. "I didn't expect to get a call back."

She received a call from Capt. Randy Mundy, who asked her what her sons wanted for Christmas. "Like any good red blooded American boys they like monster trucks and they like Spiderman and candy canes," Capt. Mundy said.

It's not something police officers are required to do, but Captain Mundy said he couldn't't resist. "We never have a problem getting help from the firemen and the policemen whenever something like this comes up," he said.

Capt. Mundy and Lt. Toney Williams took up a collection and went to the Walmart in Peachtree City where they filled up a shopping cart full of toys. When they got to the checkout counter, Melissa York was in line in front of them.

York, who works for SMC3, a transportation technology software company in Peachtree City, said she just received a generous bonus from her boss. She thought of a way to spend it.

She said, "I thought ya'll are donating those aren't you? And (Capt. Mundy) said yeah, and I looked over at the cashier and I said 'I've got this'."

Mundy said he was awestruck. "I reached to open up our donation envelope and Melissa reached over and said, 'Excuse me officer, I got this' and she ran her card," he said.

Mundy couldn't think of a way to thank her, so he posted the story on the police department's Facebook page. The story spread quickly and thousands of people "liked" it.

Dana Feemster said she never realized what she started and was blown away by the reaction to her request for help and York's payment. "I know God will bless her for blessing me like that. He will bless her," she said.

"In public safety we see people at their worst and when you have the opportunity to meet somebody like Melissa, it reminds you that there's still a lot of good in the world," Capt. Mundy said.

York said she was hesitant to talk about her act of kindness. "I really wanted to stay anonymous," she said. "But if this can help others pass it on and pay it forward, I'll do it."

Apparently it did help encourage others. Captain Mundy was interviewed at his home in Sharpsburg because he had a plumber at his house and couldn't leave. Mundy said the plumber from Hammond Services in Griffin overheard the interview and was so moved by it, he didn't charge him for the job at his house.

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