Kennesaw city council changes plans for smoking ban

8:52 PM, Oct 30, 2013   |    comments
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KENNESAW, Ga. -- The Kennesaw City Council changed plans for an all-out smoking ban for public places. Now, the new law would only apply to government-owned areas. 

The original proposal would not allow residents and visitors to smoke in most public places and almost all places of employment. It even includes e-cigarettes.

If passed, the ban would have been the first of its kind in Cobb County.

Republican City Councilwoman Chris Eaton-Welsh has been taking heat for the proposal. She's been called a socialist, a communist, and Obama's best friend. Her efforts to help pass a ban county-wide have failed so far. 

"Unfortunately, we couldn't get anyone in Cobb county to touch it, so we thought maybe we would try in Kennesaw to start there and maybe move up towards the county," she said. 

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At a public hearing Wednesday night, the council altered the plan after public backlash. They'll have two weeks to take public comment and then hold another public hearing. There's been no vote scheduled yet. 

Smoking laws have been spreading across Georgia since the state passed the Georgia Smokefree Air Act of 2005. Hover over the dots below to compare different smoking laws in Georgia. 

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