Having Autism included in your health insurance

2:49 PM, Feb 18, 2013   |    comments
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Autism Facts

-Autism affects 1 in 88 kids.  1 in 54 are boys.

-More kids diagnosed with Autism than AIDS, diabetes and cancer combined.

-32 States have Autism included in insurance coverage

-Average claims indicates an avg. premium impact of 32 centers per member per month

-Cost of caring for someone with autism over their lifetime is $3.2M


An emotional battle is underway at the Capitol and it is one that will impact everyone in Georgia, including the estimated 30,000 children with autism and their families.

The battle is to get insurance companies to cover medical treatments for autism.

Georgia is one of 18 states that doesn't have coverage.  The military requires coverage, as does the federal government for its employees.

Beginning Monday night at 11 p.m., we will bring you Ava's story. It's a tale of before and after you'll want to see.

Is this something Georgia can afford?  You decide.

House Bill 309 would require state health care plans to provide insurance for children with autism.  State plans include private sector and state employees.

Sign our petition for or against the effort to pass this bill and mandating insurance coverage.

To sign the petition FOR House Bill 309, requiring coverage, click here.

To sign the petition AGAINST House Bill 309, opposing coverage, click here.

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