Humor and poignancy in Children's Healthcare music video for kids with cancer

9:00 AM, Sep 14, 2012   |    comments
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  • (Courtesy Children's Healthcare of Atlanta)
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  • ATLANTA -- It's a terrible diagnosis that devastates 13,000 families across the country every year.

    And September marks Childhood Cancer Awareness.

    So Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's message this month is one of hope and humor.

    Aflac Cancer Center pediatric oncologist Dr. Howard Katzenstein was happy to play the part of goofball in a music video honoring patients.

    "They're people, we're people, and we can have a good time, while we're still dealing with the seriousness of their illnesses," he said.

    Katzenstein was one of several oncologists, nurses and patients who took part in the video - their silliness tinged with a serious reminder that more needs to be done for children with cancer.

    "We cure 80 percent of children who are newly diagnosed with cancer in the United States each year. That's not acceptable," Katzenstein said. "We need more funding. We need more awareness. We need more research."

    Just one day after the video was launched, The Today Showed aired it at the end of the fourth hour.

    It was a fun experience for children whose lives revolve around treatment and getting better.

    "Our patients are beautiful and we know that, and we need to celebrate that each and every day," Katzenstein said.

























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