Balloon travels from Alabama school to Georgia school

10:41 AM, Jan 23, 2014   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- What are the chances that a balloon released at one elementary school, would wind up on the playground at another elementary school located more than 100 miles away?

It happened.  Adding to the mystery is that the kids who released the balloon and the ones who found it all had teachers with the same last name.

At Atlanta's Adamsville Primary School, kindergarten friends playing at recess made the discovery of a single balloon in their schoolyard.

"We was running... and then Raven noticed the balloon," said Richon Hoard, 5.

Raven took it to their teacher, Monica Sims, who read the note attached to the pink balloon.

"It said, we love you, Ms. Sims," Sims said.

But she knew the balloon with her name on it was not for her.  It was a mystery until she did an internet search for the name of the school listed on the back of the slip attached to the balloon.

She learned the school, Gasten Elementary in Gadsden, Ala., located about 100 miles away from Atlanta, had a second grade teacher named Annette Sims.

"I emailed and asked her and said, 'did you have some type of event where you had a breast cancer balloon release?'" said Monica Sims.

Annette Sims confirmed students and Gasten Elementary had released 150 balloons for breast cancer awareness in her name.

Ms. Sims in Atlanta realized her had a teachable moment for the little girls who found the balloon and the rest of her class. She showed them where Gadsden, Ala., was located on a map and compared it to the location of Atlanta.

They learned about distance, travel and what happens to balloons in the air.

"It moved far, far away from Georgia," said Raven Brown, 5.

"It flew all the way to Georgia," said Jamiracle Mitchell, 5.

"Wind helps it fly better," said Richon.

Monica Sims believes things happen for a reason

"I don't know what it is, but I think it will come out later," she said. "It was just meant to be, maybe  I think we (she and Annette Sims) should become pen-pals, or something."

The girls think the balloon came to their teacher because she's wonderful.

"She's the best teacher," said Richon.

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