Tips for taking the CRCT

7:48 AM, Apr 22, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Here are some great tips for parents whose children are preparing to take the CRCT.

Be sure your children eat well all weekend and every morning of the test.

Feed your children red grapes. Research has shown that grapes and grape juice help memory and increase oxygen in the blood.

A wet brain is a smart brain. Make sure your kids drink plenty of water, and even take a water bottle to school if they're allowed. Hydration helps the brain's cognitive functions; studies show that drinking water reduces anxiety by forcing the brain to take a short break when you take a sip.

Feed your children protein, not carbs or sugar. A consulting company called BrainSmart says eating protein stimulates dopamine, which raises alertness levels. Sugar and carbs will force kids to get a sugar high, then crash later.

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