Did mother go too far with school bullying complaint?

7:46 PM, Mar 29, 2013   |    comments
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  • Forest Park Middle School in Clayton County
  • Front door visitor sign at Forest Park Middle School
  • Marvis Renae Henry

FOREST PARK, Ga. -- The arrest of a metro Atlanta mother who took school bullying into her own hands has sparked a debate over how much parenting is too much.

Marvis Renae Henry, 59, was arrested on March 19th and charged with disorderly conduct and disrupting school operations.

She allegedly barged into Forest Park Middle School, tracked down, confronted and cursed a student that her great-nephew, who she's raising as an adopted son, claimed had bullied him.

"Our parents are always welcome in our schools," Clayton County School spokesman David Waller told 11Alive News.

He said the system is sympathetic to parents' bullying complaints, but added that proper procedure must be followed for everyone's safety.

"A parent just can't barge into a school without identifying themselves and wander the halls," he added.

Several parents at the middle school had differing opinions on how Henry handled her complaint.

"There's a right way and a wrong way to handle it; unfortunately, I think she handled it the wrong way," parent Trishana Smith told 11 Alive News on Friday.

"I would never go into the school to curse any child out; I wouldn't want anyone to do it to my child," she added.

"You don't want anyone to harm your child, so sometimes you're emotions step in," said parent Venus Hill, who was more sympathetic.

Hill told 11 Alive she had filed a formal complaint and even called police about her 12-year-old son's complaint that he was bullied and beaten at the school Thursday.

"If I wasn't able to talk to someone, I don't know what I would have done in that situation," she said about Henry's actions.

"I can't say that I wouldn't have reacted the same way," she added.

Regardless of Henry's conduct and arrest, school system spokesman Waller said the system is looking into her complaint that her son was bullied.

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