More than 150 absent from Carroll Co. school for illnesses

6:15 PM, Mar 27, 2013   |    comments
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CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. -- An unusually high number of students and teachers have been reported absent from one Carroll County school for a second day.

Central Elementary School had more than 151 students and 10 teachers out sick on Tuesday. On Wednesday, 159 students and 5 teachers were absent due to a variety of illnesses.

Kindergarten classes are the hardest hit.

David Gurrero's 1st grader had the flu for a week.

"When he came back, his teacher was sick," said Gurrero. "Other teachers were sick. It concerns me."

A district spokesperson says the students are sick from a variety of illnesses including the flu, strep throat, and stomach ailments.

School system officials said they are cleaning the school building with extra disinfectant.

Vivian Nance works in the school cafeteria.

"We're keeping things sanitized," said Nance. "We're keeping the food checked and doing everything we're supposed to do."

One parent complained that the school had not notified her of the spike in illnesses prior to her bringing her child to school on Wednesday.

District spokesperson David Goldberg says the spike in illnesses didn't hit until Tuesday, and the principal was sending a letter home with students on Wednesday.

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