Teacher is superhero to his students

11:27 AM, Mar 11, 2013   |    comments
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VILLA RICA, Ga. -- When all three of your children are the same age, you want to make sure they're each treated as individuals.

Just ask Dan and Stephanie Schulze.

Their 9-year-old triplets (one girl and two boys) are in Griffin Nichols' four grade class at New Georgia Elementary.

"They are all very different," said Dan. "All three have very different learning styles and strengths/weaknesses.

Proof came recently during a class period with Nichols teaching volume and capacity. After working with the students on problems on the board and worksheets, he had them create "Gallon Guy" and "Gallon Girl" out of construction paper.

"Like it's Superman and he has his crest in the center," said Nichols.

The arms and legs on their individual "superheroes" represented quarts, while the hands and feet were pints and the fingers and toes represented cups.

"It is more of an interactive thing. It works with the kids more visually and hands on, but you take that and apply that to an algorithm on the board," said Nichols.

"He can differentiate all the children, whether they're mine or someone else's. They all have such different personalities and he's so keyed-in to everybody," said Stephanie Schulze, mother of triplets.

"One size fits all, it doesn't exist," said Nichols of his approach to teaching that includes individualized attention on his students.

Nichols, as one of only three males in New Georgia Elementary, knows he's a role model

"I'm from a single parent mom," said Nichols,. "I know that makes a difference (to have males in elementary schools). It's about kids. It's about helping kids out."

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