Orchestra teacher changes kids' lives one instrument at a time

10:33 AM, Apr 12, 2013   |    comments
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ROSWELL, Ga. -- One of the most popular teachers at Elkins Pointe Middle School dazzles students with beautiful music and inspires them to play string instruments.

He's orchestra teacher Seth Gamba.

On a recent day, his students seemed to elevate him to rock star status by showing him their loves in the gymnasium with signs and chants of "Gamba! Gamba!"

The students' showed the enthusiasm as a way to congratulate Gamba on winning the 11Alive Class Act Award.

Most sixth graders in orchestra at Elkins Pointe had never played an instrument before taking a class from Gamba.

"From not ever touching an instrument to within a few months of the school, they know how to sit up properly, how to hold their instrument properly and they're starting to make music right away," said Dorie Griggs, a mom who nominated Gamba for 11Alive's Class Act Award.

"He's strict at times, but we need that strictness to get us perfect for performance evaluation," said eighth grader Chellie Griggs, who credits Gamba with inspiring her love of playing an instrument.

"I really like being at the beginning," said Gamba. "For these guys (students), all this stuff is brand new and that's a real challenge and I have to remember that, 'cause no one likes playing bad music. So you've got to get to that spot, so that's when it gets great when you've done all the things just great."

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