Class community is known as "Smartieville"

7:55 PM, Feb 13, 2013   |    comments
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MARIETTA, Ga - If you're looking for a town with 100% employment, you'll have to make it to Sope Creek Elementary School.

"This is Smartieville," said Sally Seymour of her fourth grade class.

It's a community founded by Sally Seymour to teach her class how an economy works and allow the fourth graders to understand the real world.

"The best part is that you get to earn money," Arpit Tripathiq, fourth grade.

It is real money contributed by parents into the Smartieville Bank and recorded in a checkbook register - adding and subtracting for good or bad behavior.

"They pay rent on their desks just like we do with mortgage. They pay utilities," said Seymour.

Last month, they also donated more than $600 in "bonus" earnings to charity.

"The money goes to foster children," said Finn Engberg, a fourth grader whose mother nominated for 11Alive's Class Act Award.

Seymour keeps a framed picture of her own fourth grade class near her desk at school to remind her of the impact her teacher, Mrs. Woodall, had on her life.

"She (Mrs. Woodall) said that she really would love for me to be a teacher and I'll never forget that she believed in me," said Seymour.

Now, she believes in her students.

"They transform me every day. They're my gifts," said Seymour.

I think the best thing about Smartieville is to get a good education from Ms. Seymour," said Anna Walden, a fourth grader. 

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