Dyson inspires teens to become inventors and engineers

8:29 AM, Dec 16, 2012   |    comments
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ACWORTH -- The inventor of the Dyson vacuum cleaner thinks the best way to encourage future engineers is to allow kids to take apart things and put them back together.

It's why the James Dyson Foundation loans vacuum cleaner parts to schools and provides lesson on how to help students understand engineering concepts.

To learn more about a Dyson Box

For several weeks this fall, seventh graders at Cornerstone Preparatory Academy have taken apart Dyson vacuum cleaner heads the school has borrowed.

Cornerstone is one of the first schools in the southeast to get a Dyson box and the posters and materials for teaching.

"There are lesson plans that come with it, totally downloadable from the website," said teacher, Susan James. "With the Dyson box, the kids are able to pull the heads out of the vacuum cleaners. They can totally take them apart. We go over what each part does. How it's made. What's the purpose? Or, they take the parts and use them for other potential inventions.

They also learn about tools.

"Is it a flat head, is it a Phillips? No. what is it? It's a corkscrew, which is unique to the Dyson engineering company," said James. "They learn the idea of being an engineer at an early age."

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