Teacher creates rap songs to help students learn

11:27 AM, Dec 10, 2012   |    comments
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STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. -- Lindsay Scott knows it's tough for students to learn new math concepts.

"Let's try this one, 65 divided by 5," said Lindsay Scott, to her students at Allgood Elementary.

If that algebraic equation or any other stumps her fifth grade students, Ms. Scott has taught them an acronym to help: PEMDAS.

It stands for parenthesis, exponents, multiply, divide, add and subtract, which are the operational steps need to solve the equations.

To help them remember the acronym, PEMDAS, Scott has told them a sentence she learned while watching Schoolhouse Rock! as a child: Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally.

When it came to Schoolhouse Rock!, she said, "It was just like the best thing to me. I couldn't get enough. I would sing the songs. My mama had to buy the tape for me. It always sticks with me. To this day, I still know the words."

She has also created a video rap song to help them understand the concept and doesn't mind getting a little silly with it.

"(The students) love performing the songs and laughing at me performing the songs as well," said Scott.

Best of all Scott, a teacher of five years and daughter of a veteran Gwinnett County educator, knows what works to help kids learn.

Her friend, Danielle Canada, nominated her for the 11Alive Class Act Award, because of Scott's dedication to helping her students learn.

"She's attentive, caring and incredibly dedicated," said Canada. "When myself and my other girlfriends invite Lindsay out for a girls night, she often declines or brings her work for her students with her. On a recent occasion, the ladies and I were preparing to hit the Atlanta streets, but waited patiently on Lindsay as she rapped to a hip hop beat for her students."

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