Teens enjoy taking classes from Episcopal priest

12:48 PM, Sep 11, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Burl Salmon is so popular teenagers angle to get into his English and New Testament classes at The Lovett School.

You might think that's because his classes are easy, but the students say his courses are among the most challenging they have taken.

"He captivates all of us, and you actually want to participate. And, you want to do the work and you want to read 'cause you actually want to participate and actually talk with him during class," said Rachel Western, a junior.

"You're actually missing out if you don't do the homework. If you don't do the reading, you're actually missing out," said Grace Horrlock. "It's actually boring in class if you don't try hard, which is really cool."

Salmon is an Episcopal priest.

"I am the product of an Episcopal school and priests were my teachers, my coaches and the model (I follow) is a scholar priest, and that's what I hope to be," said Salmon.

In nominating Salmon for 11Alive's Class Act Award, Lovett parent Gail Dalton said, "Burl Salmon will captivate the mind of even the most uninterested high school student."

Salmon enjoys teaching because of the chance to engage the students in learning that "will last a lifetime."

"I think my reputation is I demand a lot of my students. I'm exacting, and the reason for that is I only accept their best," said Salmon.

"This class is so much fun because he talks with you. He doesn't just sit there. He doesn't just write things on the board and make you take notes. He captivates all of us, and you actually want to participate," said Western.

"He' so dramatic (when he's teaching). You feel like you're watching a movie, and it's so interesting," said Horrlock.

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