UGA dorm robbery may help solve others around metro Atlanta

9:16 PM, Jan 27, 2014   |    comments
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ATHENS, GA - A robbery in a University of Georgia dorm room Sunday morning may have helped solve several other crimes in Metro Atlanta.

Police are getting arrest warrants right now, but most of the suspects are already in custody. When police caught up with them in DeKalb County, they found several stolen items from this and other robberies, including a missing gun from Barrow County.

It was the middle of the night. Sterling Hendon says he was only gone a few minutes when four men found his dorm room unlocked, one of his roommates sleeping on the couch.

"They got his watch and cellphone; they got my wallet and Beats by Dre headphones," said Hendon.

Before they could get more, that friend woke up and with another student, chased them outside.

"He was pretty bruised up," Hendon said. "And he had cuts behind his ear."

He was lucky he didn't get shot.

Police said the four men were not students, but on campus visiting one. Someone who recognized them held the door so they could get in. It's something Cindy Nyugen says she refuses to do out of fear for what happened.

"It's kind of like being safe rather than socially acceptable," she said. "A lot of people let people in because they're being nice, but sometimes it can have consequences."

The dorms at UGA require a security badge or code followed by a scan of your hand-print. It's high tech, but it means nothing if students don't use it.

There were about 35 robberies on campus in 2012. UGA officials said very few of those involved any sign of forced entry.

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