Buckhead robbery spike spurs reward fund

7:27 PM, Apr 4, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Five recent robberies in Buckhead have shaken up the neighborhood -- and shaken loose some cash for information on the bad guys.

The most recent robbery was less than a week ago, when two men grabbed a Buckhead resident out of his front yard, then took him to an ATM and robbed him of cash from his account.

It was the third straight such robbery in Buckhead. Two weeks earlier, four men kidnapped a woman at her townhouse and forced her to an ATM.

A week after that, at the same complex, four men kidnapped a man, took him to an ATM and held him for more than 20 hours.

"At this time, we're seeing a little spike in the kidnapping type," Atlanta Police Maj. Van Hobbs said at a press conference.

That little spike has drawn the attention of the Buckhead Coalition, which is offering rewards of $5,000 for information in each unsolved robbery.

"Frankly, a good tipster will earn a lot more money than the perpetrators, if he'll help us bring these people to justice," said Sam Massell, founding president of the Buckhead Coalition.

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