Police still looking for driver that killed cyclist and drove away

5:03 PM, Mar 18, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- On Monday, Walter Amey Jr.'s family worked to finalize funeral plans, still not knowing who was driving the car that killed him just feet away from his house.

Atlanta police say 54-year-old Amey was hit around 9 p.m. Saturday on Abner Place, and dragged several feet.

Sgt. Grey Lyon said officers and paramedics initially thought Amey had been shot, until they further examined his injuries.  They were mainly internal and concentrated on his torso.  That's when investigators determined he had been hit by a car.

Police admit right now they have no suspect.  No witnesses.  No vehicle description.  Just a bunch of markings, investigators used to re-create the crash.

Friends and family say the paint marks represent Amey's death, but certainly not his life.

"Everything he touched, he put some type of beauty in it. He gave it life and that's just the kind of guy he was," said Amey's daughter, Monica.

Amey made his living landscaping, but neighbors say he often volunteered to tend neighbor's bushes and plants out of love.

"I think that was how he walked into many people's hearts in this community," said Matilyn Hammond, a neighbor that for the past decade has also considered Amey a son.

Matilyn Hammond says Amey stopped by every day to check in.

"It's just so hard to know he's, it's very difficult to know he's not here," she said.

Amey grew up in this neighborhood, making it even more baffling to Monica that someone wouldn't step forward to admit what happened or even offer police clues.

"I need the pieces of the puzzle to be there, to complete the puzzle, to understand, to make everything make sense," his daughter said.

"Hit and runs I think are especially galling because the person that was driving and involved in the crash, no matter who was at fault, ultimately, it's your moral responsibility to stick around and help that other human being," said Rebecca Serna, the Executive Director of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.

Serna says this is the city's first bike related fatality in more than a year, but the number of hit and runs has her concerned.

The organization has asked to meet with police to discuss trends and solutions, but says there's little a rider can do if the vehicle driver is distracted.

"Yu could glance away for what you think is just a second at your phone, but especially if you're traveling at a high speed, you actually cover a lot of ground in that time," said Serna.

In lieu of flowers, Amey's family has set up a fund to help pay for funeral expenses.  Donations can be mailed to: William Gayleano Murray & Son Funeral Home, 923 McDaniel Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30310 or by calling: (404) 963-5634.

(Associated Press)

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