Police look for pallet-able thief

1:19 AM, Jan 19, 2013   |    comments
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  • LOCUST GROVE, Ga -- It is not a new crime, but it is rare. Police said it's another example of what lengths criminals will go to just to make a few bucks.

    Henry County Police are looking for a man who stole nearly 50 pallets from a Publix on Highway 155 in Locust Grove.

    Police released a surveillance video from the Publix that shows a white box-type truck back up to the loading dock behind the store. A man dressed all in black uses a hand-fork lift and loads 32 plastic pallets and 12 wooden pallets in the back of the truck.

    "We haven't really connected it to any other thefts in our county," Sgt. Joey Smith said. "We've seen it before in the past, evidentally there's a market or a need for them somewhere."

    Smith said the suspect came back the same day and stole three bales of cardboard from the loading dock. "He just appears very confident," he said. "Either he does that for a living or he does it a lot. He just appears to be very comfortable taking those items."

    Sgt. Smith said Publix estimated the pallets cost $30-$40 each. A re-cycler told 11 Alive News the thief could only get a few bucks for each pallet.

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