Smart phone robberies on the rise

12:00 AM, Jan 5, 2013   |    comments
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Harra Oumer is charged with robbery
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  • GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga -- It can happen in a flash. Your smart phone can be stolen. Police say it is a growing crime.

    Gwinnett County Police arrested one man and may be looking for as many as four others in connection with a series of cell phone robberies. "We're seeing an uptick in these particular kinds of robberies," said Cpl. Jake Smith.

    The same car was used in two separate robberies in December. On December 18, 2012 two suspects walked up to a shopper outside Gwinnett Place mall and asked to use his cell phone. When the shopper handed one of the suspects his phone, they took off running.

    The suspects jumped into a waiting vehicle. Fortunately the victim was able to get a tag number from the car and traced it to the driver Harra Oumer. Oumer was arrested and police are looking for more suspects. "We're not sure how many people we might be looking for in this crew, we're also not sure how many robberies they're actually responsible for," Cpl. Smith said.

    Smith said it's a growing trend that is keeping police busy. "Detectives have been making more and more cases recently against suspects who are committing these types of crimes," he said.

    Smith said it is difficult to protect yourself against the crime. He advised people to treat their cell phones like it was their purse or your wallet.

    He also recommended cell phone owners to take a picture of the serial number and other important numbers off the box when they buy their phone. He said they should email that picture to themselves and save it. If your phone is stolen you can give police that information which may help them track your phone.

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