pushes for guns on college campuses

12:11 AM, Dec 16, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA--  The mass shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut has re-ignited the never-ending debate over gun control.

With two major colleges situated in the heart of Atlanta students   increasingly find themselves sitting ducks when it comes to crime.

There have been a number of armed robberies and other violent crimes reported on and around the campuses of both Georgia Tech and Georgia State University.

The group plans to lobby state legislators in this session to see that college students be given the right to carry guns on campus.  Executive Director, Jerry Henry, said it is something  other states are already doing including Connecticut.

"These college kids are easy targets. In a gun free zone they're totally helpless to protect themselves.  They can't carry a weapon of any kind," said Henry.

Students we found on the Georgia Tech campus seem torn over the idea.

Shailee Thaker graduated just days ago and often made the walk to her off campus apartment.

"I don't think they should allow guns on campus because there's too much that could go wrong.  Students could end up shooting their own fellow students possibly," said Thaker.

Alex Dowgwillow also attends the college and said as long as those carrying guns had training he thought it could help.

"I dont think it's going to increase violence at all. The robbers already have their weapons.  If a student had a gun it would only be for safety," said Dowgwillow.

Ultimately, it will be up to legislators to back a bill then  debate the merits of whether to arm college students but some are already weighing in.

State Senator Vincent Fort said the idea that more guns will make things better is a dangerous idea.

"I think there are things we can do to make locations safer, but this obsessive fixation on being able to bring guns everywhere and make them more available is the wrong way to go," said Fort.


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