Looting your luggage; thieves may know loopholes

10:13 AM, Oct 31, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- We've exposed how thieves are walking into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and walking away with your luggage. Now, we've discovered different types of security may lead to more theft at Delta's South terminal.

We got the inside story from a security worker, monitoring the carousels in the North terminal.

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"The thieves, most of them go over there, because there's nobody checking over there at all," the security workers said, pointing over to the South terminal.

About 17 years ago, Delta used to do tag checks around the baggage carousels. The only place we see that happening now, is in the North terminal. The airlines, operating on that side, have joined together to hire uniformed officers to do random tag checks.

"These are bag tags that I've already checked," the worker said. "Whenever a carousel brings off a bag somewhere, we go to that carousel."

Delta wouldn't tell us how many bags go missing. When we asked about hiring extra security officers, we got a written statement. 

Delta writes: Our security tactics involve overt and covert components and we'll continue to work with all the airport stakeholders, especially the APD airport precinct who patrols the baggage claim carousels.

Fortunately both terminals are monitored by Atlanta Police. However, all of the thefts that we have learned about have been on the South side. They have now flagged a suspect, who walked off with Jacob Giannantonio's bag on August 19.

"They're paying out a lot of money over there for a lot of luggage and golf clubs that's getting stolen," the security worker speculated.

Delta paid Giannantonio $3,300 for his stolen bag. It was stolen after he landed on a Delta flight from San Antonio. However, he wants Delta to do more.

"So that they treat this like a secure area, where somebody who's authorized to travel only comes here to pick up their luggage, not people off the street, who come in here and steal bags," he said.

The problem is much worse than even we expected. Wednesday night at 11, we reveal an incredible security breach, again at Delta's baggage carousels. 

An alert 11Alive viewer demands answers after finding 6 Delta bags, lying looted in an open field, across from the airport.

If you suspect your luggage is stolen, you can contact the Atlanta Police Airport Precinct at 404-530-6630 or call 911.

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