Two abused dachshunds: A case of brotherly love

6:55 AM, Oct 24, 2012   |    comments
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CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. -- This is the story of two young dogs from Clayton County, abused and abandoned.



A story of brotherly love and -- now -- a reward.

The two dogs are 1-year-old dachshunds.

One of them was shot multiple times at point-blank range with a BB gun and a paintball gun, and abandoned, left to die with his brother, who was also abused, at the side of Highway 54 in the Morrow-Lake City area of Clayton County.

Someone driving by spotted the dogs last Wednesday, October 17, and brought them to Clayton County Animal Control saying that the dogs had been huddled together -- one refusing to leave his gunshot-wounded brother.

"We did do some surgery to remove the BB pellets and the infection that was in there," said Dana Fuller, DVM, the veterinarian who helped save the life of the shot dog.

He is recovering.

His brother is in a foster home waiting to be reunited with him.

"Basically, if someone can do this to an animal, what can they do to a person?" said Bonnie Adams of

Adams is caring for the brothers.

She's named them Bullet and Pistol.

"Bullet was covered in paint, purple paint, and he had a huge hole in the back end of him that was seriously infected" when the two dogs were brought in, she said.

Adams talked of how she has never seen anything like this, until now, "two [abused] dogs, especially one that has been so hurt, and the other one just stick around with the [hurt] dog." 

Dr. Fuller is relieved, after operating on Bullet, that he is doing so well, so soon.

"When he came in you could just see really lots and lots of wounds where the BB pellets had entered into him and started to cause that infection," she said.

"His brother, Pistol, is currently at my parents' house being fostered and spoiled rotten," Adams said.

Clayton County police are searching for the abuser.

There is now a reward, a total of $7,500, for help that leads to the arrest and conviction of the abuser.

The Atlanta Humane Society is offering $5,000. PETA is offering $2,500.

Adams said that police "have some strong leads, they're hoping to close out the case, soon. I think they definitely will have it solved."

The dogs will ultimately be offered for adoption.

Adams said she wants to find one home for both of them, so they can stay together. For them, this case of brotherly love could end no other way.

Anyone with information about the case can call Capt. Mark Thompson with Clayton County Animal Control, 770-477-3509.


Links: is working with Clayton County Animal Control to find homes for many animals up for adoption.

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