N.C. fugitive caught in Marietta

2:07 AM, Sep 7, 2012   |    comments
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  • MARIETTA, Ga. -- Police said what a woman did when she saw something suspicious in her neighborhood is a classic example of how neighborhood watch works.

    Because of her actions a  man wanted for rape of a juvenile in North Carolina is behind bars in Cobb County.

    Aaron Jarell Rodman, 26, was taken into custody Tuesday in Marietta.

    Police first received a call about a suspicious man peering into windows of a house on Wisteria Drive near Woodvalley Drive at around 11:15 a.m. Tuesday, according to Marietta Police Officer David Baldwin.

    The caller was Carol Moore, who noticed a suspicious car in front of her house and then a man walk up to her neighbors house across the street. "And he kept going around the house, around the back and he was looking through windows and it was obvious to me that he had no business there at that point," she said.

    Moore said she was reluctant at first to call 911 because she though the migh be imposing on police if it turned out to be nothing. "I didn't want to bother the police," she said. "I admit that, but this time I did and I would not hesitate again."

    Police stopped Rodman's car and discovered that he had three outstanding warrants in North Carolina, including one for raping a juvenile, Baldwin said. Rodman managed to get out of the car and run from police, but was later found in a wooded area behind a house on Bellemeade Way.

    In addition to the three North Carolina charges, Rodman now faces charges of obstruction, prowling and being a fugitive from justice in Georgia. He is being held without bond in the Cobb County Jail awaiting extradition to North Carolina.

    Moore said her neighbors were ecstatic when they found out about the arrest. "They're thrilled I called," she said. "That the man is a felon and (alleged) rapist I'm very grateful that I called."

    "You've really touched a lot of lives just by simply calling the poliice," Ofc. Baldwin told Moore at her home Thursday. "Look what a phenomenal outcome and there's a family up in North Carolina that is in jubilation for that reason."

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