Fake cops rob truck driver

11:24 PM, Aug 20, 2012   |    comments
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  • SNELLVILLE, Ga -- Gwinnett County Police are warning drivers to be aware of two men who are impersonating police and pulling over and robbing unsuspecting drivers.

    Police said they robbed a DirecTV truck driver Monday morning on Centerville Highway south of Snellville. The truck driver told police a black Ford Crown Victoria pulled up behind him and had flashing blue lights in the windshield.

    The driver told police he turned off Centerville Highway onto Telida Trail and pulled over on the shoulder. According to police, one suspect got out of the Crown Victoria, walked up to the truck driver and pulled a gun on him.

    Det. David Brucz said a second suspect got out of the car and opened the back door of the truck and stole tools and equipment. On a 911 call, the victim said "They came up, they held a gun to my head, and they robbed my truck."

    Police want people to be aware that the cop impersonators are out there and warn drivers that only marked police patrol cars normally make traffic stops. Detective Brucz, who drives an unmarked police car, said he can pull people over, but only in extreme cases. "We do not do any traffic stops at all, we don't enforce any traffic," he said.

    Detective Brucz said if drivers have questions about a vehicle pulling them over, they should call 911. "Our radio dispatch should be able to confirm if it's a legitimate officer or if it's not," he said.

    He also advised drivers to put their flashers on and drive slowly to a populated area before pulling over.

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