Police find illegal dental practice in mobile home

1:16 AM, Aug 10, 2012   |    comments
Maria Ramirez, 37, is charged with practicing without a license
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  • NORCROSS, Ga -- A 37 year old woman was running a pretty lucrative dental practice out of her mobile home, according to Gwinnett County Police.

    There was one problem they discovered after responding to an anonymous tip. Maria Ramirez, who was practicing dentistry, was not a dentist. "She allowed the officer to come in and do an inspection and he found evidence of what seemed to be a full-fledged dentists office," said Cpl. Jake Smith.

    Some of the evidence they found was a dental chair, pneumatic drill, x-ray machine, sterilization equipment and prescription drugs. Some drugs were for pain and others for treating infections, including lidocaine and amoxicillan.

    PHOTO GALLERY: What police found inside mobile home

    Smith said police also found a computer. "The computer itself has not been searched yet so we don't really have much information on patient records or how much she was charging or how much business she was doing," he said.

    When Ramirez was confronted at her home by police she first denied there was a dentist in the home. According to a police incident report Ramirez got choked up an stated "I'm sorry, I'll stop doing it."

    She eventually showed the officer the office in a bedroom to the right of the front door.

    Ramirez was charged with practicing dentistry without a license but could be facing more charges. "The investigation into things like where she got the equipment, where she got the drugs she was using, that aspect is still under investigation," Cpl. Smith said.

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