Suspects return $15,000 stolen vehicle

12:43 PM, Aug 7, 2012   |    comments
Stolen vehicle returned to owner
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  • CARTERSVILLE, Ga -- There was a bizarre turn of events in a debit card scam that targeted a recreational dealership in Cartersville. Police warned businesses about the scam that happened at three other businesses.

    On June 25, 2012 a couple, who went by the names Natasha Stanley and Marc Sims, used a fake debit card to purchase a $15,000 utility vehicle. Three days after surveillance photos of the couple were made public, something strange happened.

    The utility vehicle was returned to Extreme Propulsion. It happened during the early morning hours Monday. "I think the person got scared and they think that if they return it they're not going to be in trouble," said Sharon Sinnott of Extreme Propulsion.

    Surveillance video shows a man drove the vehicle up to the store and parked it right in front. The suspect jumped into a car that left the scene followed by a rental truck.

    When Sinnott met police at the store Monday morning she found the vehicle trashed. "The units in terrible condition, there's still a crime here and they haven't been caught," she said.

    Cartersville Police

    believe the two suspects may be part of a bigger organization. They have had reports of three other similar cases in the Atlanta area. Anyone who knows anything about the crimes is asked to call Cartersville Police at 770-382-2526.

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