DeKalb Commissioner: "I wasn't drunk."

5:09 PM, Jul 26, 2012   |    comments
DeKalb County Commissioner Stan Watson (DeKalb Community Service Board)
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DEKALB COUNTY, GA-- Stan Watson was driving his white Mercedes Thursday morning. It's the car police say he drove away from the Tanqueray Lounge following a night of drinking a week ago.

"I have no comment at all," Watson said, as he pulled up alongside an 11Alive news vehicle stopped in the south DeKalb neighborhood where Watson lives. The DeKalb county commissioner had ignored our requests for comment since Wednesday.

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According to a police report, filed by an officer working off duty at the bar at 2:25 am July 12th, Watson "was in no condition to drive." The officer wrote he "advised (Watson) to have someone take him home because he appeared intoxicated." Yet moments later, the officer said Watson "got in the driver's seat" and he "witnessed Mr. Watson pulling out of the ... parking lot."

Within a few minutes, according to the report, Watson returned to the Tanqueray parking lot. There were two DeKalb County police officers there at that time. But neither of them charged him with DUI. That is now the subject of an internal affairs investigation at the DeKalb police department.

Watson didn't say much during our encounter Thursday morning. But he did deny he was drunk that morning..

"I wasn't drunk. I wasn't charged with anything. Have a great day," Watson said as he coasted toward his driveway and into his garage.

The DeKalb internal affairs investigation will likely take weeks. It will examine whether the officers were at fault when they declined to check commissioner Watson for DUI before they allowed another bar patron to drive him home.

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