Police bust women's gambling ring

7:09 AM, Jun 19, 2012   |    comments
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  • Mi Hui Yi (L) and Chung Suk Han (R) are charged with running a gambling operation
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  • DULUTH, Ga. -- Neighbors of two homes in Duluth said they would have never guessed what was going on inside the houses after Gwinnett County Police raided them on June 11.

    Residents of Michael Circle said they noticed an inordinate amount of traffic going in and out of one of the homes.

    "I thought they were getting ready for a family reunion," neighbor Sheila David said.

    But instead of a reunion, people gathered at the house for what Gwinnett County Police called an exclusive gambling club for women only.

    "They seemed to frequent these places and stay overnight from time to time and have extended gambling sessions," Gwinnett Police spokesman Cpl. Jake Smith said.

    "There would be a limo and they would pull up, let a couple ladies out at a time and then come back a couple hours later and pick them back up," neighbor Cindy Murray said. "This was every day -- the cars would be in and out, every single day."

    At the home on Michael Circle, police arrested Mi Hui Yi and charged her with commercial gambling, keeping a place of gambling and possession of gambling machines.

    Smith said investigators removed four video gambling machines from the home and $15,000 in cash.

    "They were paying out cash for those (machines) and there was also evidence that they were gambling on various other things inside the house, including card games like poker," Smith said.

    At a second house on Old Norcross Road, police arrested Chung Suk Han for running a gambling operation. Four other people in her home were arrested; Young Suk Han, Mi Hyang Huh, Shirly Kim and Sung Hee Choi were all charged with commercial gambling.

    "There were no men involved. They weren't welcome to gamble," Smith said. "They would come visit sometimes, but they weren't welcome to come and gamble."

    Six more gambling machines were found in the Old Norcross Road home, along with $6,000 in cash.

    "I was totally stunned, blown away, I couldn't believe it," David said.

    "They would take up the whole cul-de-sac but nobody would park in their driveway," Murray said. "That was what the issue was with us because we couldn't have friends come over."

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