A MOTIVE FOR MURDER: Was Michael Parson leading a double life?

3:35 PM, Jun 9, 2012   |    comments
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transparency log
Devin Fehely's Log for June 8 2012

11 Alive News has obtained extensive court documents which detail the evidence  police have collected against Michael Parson, the Sandy Springs man accused of shooting his wife Adina eight times -- three times in the head.

According to court filings, detectives say their investigation into the shooting revealed that Michael was leading a double life with both a wife and a much younger woman on the side.

11 Alive News has learned that the other woman in the love triangle was a 21-year-old Lance Corporal in the U.S. Marine Corp Reserves who returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan on April 16 -- just four days before Michael's wife Adina was shot.

Police say the woman told investigators she planned to marry Michael in October and had no idea he already had a wife. The woman told detectives that Michael claimed Adina was his aunt.

Sandy Springs police said initially Michael did not appear to be a suspect, cooperating with their investigation and agreeing to be interviewed. And he appeared to have an alibi, telling investigators he was in the emergency room of the Veteran's Hospital in Decatur when his wife was shot.

But in court documents, police say Michael's alibi quickly began to unravel. According to investigators, cell phone records indicate Michael was near the apartment he shared with Adina -- not the hospital -- when the shooting occurred.

Additionally, police say they tracked down a friend of Parson's who eventually admitted to investigators that he posed as Michael in the ER, providing him with a bogus alibi.

As police began to zero in on Michael, investigators say they uncovered evidence that he spent the three nights immediately after his wife's shooting at a Motel 6 in Norcross with his "fiance." Police say they recovered packages from two disposable cell phones the pair had purchased from Walmart.

Two weeks after the shooting, Sandy Springs police named Michael Parson a suspect in his wife's shooting. A police spokesman said detectives feared Michael had fled the state.

Two days later, police in Texas arrested Parson. He has since been extradited to Georgia to face charges of battery, aggravated assault and making false statements to police.


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