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  • Ivan Gonzalez
  • Gonzalez's tattoo on left thigh
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  • LILBURN, Ga. -- Ivan Gonzalez is 11Alive's Fugitive of the Week for June 6.

    Gonzalez is wanted by Gwinnett County Police for three counts of murder, arson, trafficking methamphetamine and marijuana, and possession of methamphetamine.

    Gonzalez has been on the run since February 17, 2011, when a fire at a Lilburn home claimed the lives of three children. Four-year-old Isaac Guevara, 3-year old Ivan Guevara and 1-year old Stacy Brito were killed after an explosion rocked the Spring Mill Drive home.

    Police say Gonzalez was cooking methamphetamine in the home when a water heater's pilot light ignited fumes from the chemicals he was using.

    "We believe he was in charge of the operation there, that it was primarily his doing that these things were in the house, and that he chose this location," Gwinnett Police Corporal Jake Smith said.

    The children's mother, Neibe Brito, has been charged with trafficking methamphetamine and murder. Joseph Perez of College Park was arrested on the same charges.

    It was originally believed that Gonzalez fled to Mexico.

    "We also had reports that he was in Texas at one point, California, various places in Georgia but none of those ever panned out," Cpl. Smith said.

    Gonzalez has a permanent mark on his left thigh -- a tattoo of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He has brown hair and brown eyes and may have burn scars on his face from the fire.

    "As far as the incident here (in Lilburn) and the death of those children, Ivan Gonzalez is the last person we want," Cpl. Smith said.

    And that's why Ivan Gonzalez is featured on Rowson's Crime Scene's Fugitive of the Week. There you can contact Crime Stoppers Atlanta if you know where he is. 

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